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Concrete requires great care, experience, and attention to detail. Masonry experts Robert Mihaly (Former Artist in Residence, Washington National Cathedral) and Angel Aguilar (Concrete Wizard!) bring passion to the process. 

Done well, concrete structures can be timeless masterpieces. The Colosseum in Rome was built largely of concrete. So was the tallest and most beautiful of all Roman aqueducts, the Pont du Gard in southern France.

Trust your concrete to us. Tarheel Concrete is a locally owned family business serving residential and commercial customers in NC. We specialize in concrete work, stone work, and more.

No matter how unique or challenging your project is, we can find the right solution for you. Our staff is comprised of professionals with many years' experience in the field. Our team is equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity, either commercial or residential.


Use the form, email, or give us a call at 919-225-3602 to speak to owner Robert Mihaly right now. (If, by any chance, I don’t hear the phone, please feel free to text!)

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