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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete presents a stunning and durable world of design opportunities. It's a cost-effective option for the colors and textures of high-end granite, slate, or other natural stone.

At Tarheel Concrete Company, we specialize in fine craftsmanship. We take pride in providing you with exquisite artistry and classic looks. Stamped concrete works great in interiors too.


We use the best products and techniques in the market. Whether you’re accommodating clients or enjoying a quiet night outside with family, you can rest easy knowing your hardscapes have been built and supported by Tarheel Concrete.

Pool Decks

Tarheel concrete provides nearly endless solutions to bring your outdoor living space to life. Our ability to transform your patio with exquisite designs and classic looks gives you the opportunity to create your ultimate outdoor living space.


Thanks to its natural, authentic appearance, stamped concrete easily blends in with existing stone, tiles, and patterned concrete. We also make sure to use antiquing and highlighting products and sealers that incorporate cutting-edge UV technology. This prevents fading and damage, particularly for flooring in outdoor living spaces, ensuring your patio looks and feels great for years to come.


Seat walls are a solid and easy way to add additional seating and a beautiful focal point to your patio or yard, without taking up too much space. Seat walls can be used to create different areas for entertaining guests, but they are low enough to not obstruct your view or inhibit sociability.


Outdoor furniture can be costly, requiring periodic replacement due to wear and tear from weather, but a built-in seat wall can add great value to your home and your budget.

Tarheel Concrete can design the ultimate and affordable outdoor living space of your dreams. The design options are virtually limitless. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard or make the best use of space on your patio, give us a call or text.


Walkways are more than just a way of getting to where you want to go – a beautiful walkway or sidewalk can transform curb appeal to the point of artistic expression.


When creating your stamped concrete walkway, you can choose from a variety of colors, including tan, brown, walnut and various shades of gray. Other, more specialized and unique colors are also available. Our molds are cast from real stone. Accordingly, they replicate Old Granite and Roman Slate textures in running patterns that provide a traditional look. When choosing a design for your walkway, we will make sure that it blends well with other stone, tile, and textured elements of your home.

Fire Pits

Fire pits and fireplaces require experienced care. Moisture in concrete can cause explosive expansion when subjected to a fire’s heat.

There are various possible solutions, depending upon the particular environment, circumstances, and design ideas. At Tarheel Concrete, we love finding the best solutions to challenging and unique situations.

Round fire pits provide a safe and warm environment for conversation and spending time with a casual, “around the campfire” vibe, while linear, square designs provide a more formal, high-end look and feel.


Stamped concrete is a popular choice for pool decks. Lighter concrete colors and comfortable textures keep the surface cool in hot summers.

With so many stamped concrete design options to choose from, you may have a hard time selecting the best look for your pool deck. Our craftsmen can help you select the pattern and style that best matches the architecture of your home or help you create the ambiance you wish to achieve.


A stamped concrete driveway provides your home with an impressive entrance. It upgrades your overall home design. With Tarheel Concrete, you can turn your driveway into the envy of the neighborhood without breaking the bank.

Tarheel Concrete Company offers a wide range of stamped concrete designs from which to choose that will bolster your home’s overall look, reflecting your sense of style. We can help you choose stamp patterns that matches the architectural style of your home and complement your existing landscape.

For homeowners who favor more simplistic designs, we can install a broom-finished concrete design on the larger areas of your driveway while applying stamped borders and bands for intriguing accents. For added curb appeal, we have centerpiece stamp options such as compass designs, stars, and Old World medallions that can add beautiful focal points.

If you have any questions about possibilities or would like to discuss stamped concrete driveway ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us or see the Stamped Concrete FAQs below. If you’re ready to get a jumpstart on your driveway, contact us for a free design consultation and estimate today!

Stamped Concrete FAQs

Where can I put it?

Stamped concrete can be installed in patios, pool decks, driveway, walkways, courtyards, entranceways and most residential and commercial locations.

Will the color fade?

Tarheel Concrete Company utilizes the finest pigments available, in most instances integrally coloring the entire slab. This process allows for better color longevity and minimal fading. In conjunction with our sealers, it will provide many years of low maintenance.


What are the advantages of stamped concrete over other materials?

Reduced long-term maintenance and care, increased longevity, and increased property value.


Can you prevent cracks?

We do everything possible by industry standards, to prevent cracks. This includes the proper sub-grade preparation to cutting the control joints in the correct locations. We cannot guarantee that a crack will not form over time, but the durability as compared to other alternatives is incredible.


What patterns are available?

We offer hundreds of pattern options to choose from. Our most popular pattern options include Ashlar slate, Roman texture slate, and multiple brick and wood plank patterns. Tarheel Concrete Company’s continuing development of colors and designs allows us to work hand-in-hand with our customers to create an end product that complements your surroundings.


How thick is stamped concrete?

Our standard slab is a minimum of four inches. Some situations will require us to pour six inches of concrete, and this would be discussed before the project takes place.


Can it go over existing concrete?

Yes, under certain circumstances it will require us to cap or pour over existing concrete.

Can I drive on stamped concrete?

Yes, you can drive on stamped concrete. We recommend waiting three to seven days of cure time after new concrete is placed before vehicles are allowed to drive on it.

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